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TOP DOG has appeared at many of San Diego's premier live music venues.
San Diego 4th&B House of Blues - San Diego


Have Top Dog perform at your next live music event or San Diego music venue.
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Our set list is normally 30 min. to an hour depending on the gig, but most sets are 45 min. If required we can play two 45 min. sets of our own music.  We can also play an extended gig, but our best show is 45 min. Most often our set list is about  ten songs.

Aiming to provide an unforgettable performance for any crowd Top Dog is fully loaded to deliver hours of exciting music derived from our original music. 


How much does it cost to hire our Band?

Our price is determined based on the length of the event, driving distance and other factors. We are really reasonable and have special rates for non-profit fund raisers. After a brief call to us to gather a few details, we can determine the price on the spot so you can make your decision.


Because Top Dog is primarily a concert band our set list will include original popular tunes from from our previous and current CD's
From our "Unleashed" CD"
Track 01: Whiskey Mama (3:13)
Track 02: Be Your Man (3:15)
Track 03: Shot Down In Cold Blood (5:00)
Track 04: She's Gone Away (4:13)
Track 05: Exactly What To Say (3:26)
Track 06: Smith And Wesson Blues (7:22)
Track 07: Angel (2:35)
Track 08: Play This Fool (3:44)
Track 09: Hungry Lil' Boy (4:36)
Track 10: Gypsy Woman (3:13)
Track 11: Still Got The Blues (2:45)
Track 12: Bad Dog (4:20)
Track 13: Watch Out (3:40)

From our new CD
Midnight Sun, Sin City, Enemy of Fun, Wild Women, You Ain't Done Yet, Love Gun, Evil, Something to Say, Got A Woman

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